Printable Wall Art – Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones

Doctor Who Printable Wall Art - click to download for free, or pin to save for later!

Happy Weekend, friends! A few weeks ago I made up some printable wall art for my new office (an office that lasted 5 days, since putting my twins together in the same room was a freaking nightmare and we had to separate them again). Doctor Who is always my number one fandom, but Harry Potter comes in a close second and I’m probably more obsessed with Game of Thrones than the average viewer, so those are the shows/books that I chose to draw from.

Game of Thrones printable wall art - click to download for free or pin to save for later!

So my office was short lived, but this super fun collection of wall art lives on in my bedroom. We’ll be moving soon, maybe I’ll have an office in our new house (for what my husband likes to call my “fandom cave”).

Where do you keep geeky stuff in your house? For me it’s always a balancing act of keeping things stylish and polished but also making sure my home authentically represents the things that I love.

Harry Potter printable wall art - click to download for free or pin to save for later!

Download the printables!

Doctor Who Printable

Moon of My Life/Khaleesi Printable

Harry Potter Printable



  • “Don’t let the muggles get you down” has always been a favorite little quote of mine. I like your print! This post is from May, hope to see more from you! 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! My husband got a new job at the beginning of June so we’ve just had to move and things have been CRAY. I’m really looking forward to things settling down and being able to start posting again.