Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

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Pinterest. Is. Awesome.

Did you know that Pinterest has 100 million (100 MILLION) active users? It is blowing up BIG and it’s not just for DIY and mommy blogs anymore.

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So what are the top things to know in order to best use Pinterest to grow?

1. Use or it or lose it, baby.

You have to have a super active profile in order to see the best boost in followers and traffic. There are a couple of reasons for this:

a) Active accounts are more fun to follow! I always follow the more active boards and accounts because I know if they’re pinning a lot of stuff, I’m going to get more awesome content. It’s a higher value-to-me follow.

b) If you have an active account the Pinterest Goddess (aka the Smart Feed algorithm) will like you better. The more interaction (likes, repins) on your pins and more high quality pins you pin the more visible your pins will be. Lordy, I’ve never typed the word “pin” so much in all my days.

2. Pin awesome images.

I’m working on a post that goes into this in more detail, but basically always use vertical images (mine are sized to 700p x 1050p) because they stand out the most in the feed, and always include a big, clear title so people can see in an instant why they NEED to click on that pin.

3. Don’t pin irrelevant stuff.

When I first started optimizing my Pinterest profile for growth, this was the thing I resisted the most. Yes, I’m a blogger, and yes, I get that my social media is a reflection of my business. But DARNIT I didn’t WANT to delete my boards of tattoo inspiration and party planning ideas. So I didn’t. And my profile continued to look unfocused and a little confusing. So finally (honestly, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think of it earlier) I made all of those boards secret. Now they still exist for me, but no one else can see them. Best of both worlds, friend. Do it.

And finally, the holy grail of harnessing the mighty power of Pinterest –

4. Join several active, niche-focused group boards.

This is the “expand your reach” portion of the show. Group boards are AMAZING because they instantly give you access to a HUGE audience that is interested in your subject. As your own reach on Pinterest grows you will start to get unsolicited invitations to join group boards, but most boards are easy to join, you just have to ask!


I’ve developed a checklist to make sure your Pinterest profile is in tip top shape and totally optimized to grow your traffic! Sign up here to get the PDF!!


Are you having trouble gaining traction on Pinterest, or do you have any helpful tips to share? Questions and success stories – I want to hear them all!