How To Set Up Rich Pins For Your Blog


Get the low-down on why rich pins are so awesome, and the super easy step-by-step for setting them up (+ a free Supercharge Your Pinterest checklist!). Click through to get the deets or pin to save for later.

I am a huge, huge fan of using Pinterest to grow your audience. I’ve seen tremendous results from using my Pinterest profile in a focused way. Earlier this week I shared sort of a foundation post on Pinterest and why you should absolutely be using it for your blog. You can see that post here and you can get access to a free checklist to optimize your Pinterest here

Let’s start with the basics: What are rich pins?

Rich pins are the superheroes of pins. Regular pins are  scrawny Steve Rogers pre-serum, rich pins are Captain America.

Regular pins are scrawny Steve Rogers pre-serum, rich pins are Captain America. Click To Tweet

Basically they automatically pull information from your website to add more detail than a regular pin, which only has the caption. With a rich pin, even if whoever pins your pin just writes “save for later” or something else totally nondescript as the caption, it will still have plenty of info for the peeps who view it and want to know more.

When you’re scrolling through your feed, this is what a rich pin looks like:

rich pins 2

It’s just got an air of the legit about it, know what I mean?

And when you click on it, here’s what it looks like:

rich pins 1

How awesome is that?!

Another reason to use rich pins is that they are favored by Pinterest’s algorithm, which means they’re seen as higher value and are more likely to be placed at the top of the feed.

Okay, you’re obviously sold. Now we’ll talk details.

Rich pins are only available on business accounts.

Don’t panic.

It’s super easy to turn your regular-person account into a business account (and in addition to rich pins you’ll get access to Pinterest’s account analytics, which can be very useful).

Just click here to go to Pinterest’s business page, and click “convert now”. You will be guided through a few steps, filling out your business type and updating your profile, and then you’ll be able to just click “convert”. Easy peasy!

Now you can confirm your site and activate rich pins.

If you have WordPress this is super painless. (If you don’t have WordPress I’m terribly sorry, I won’t be much help.) Download the Yoast SEO Plugin (this plugin is UH-MAZING and will be extremely helpful for making sure your SEO is on point as well as setting up Google’s webmaster tools and a whole slew of other things).

Log in to Pinterest and go to your profile. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner and click “edit profile”. Scroll down to “website” and click “confirm website”. Copy and paste the meta tag into the “pinterest confirmation” field into your Yoast plugin (you’ll find it in the “social” section under the “Pinterest” tab). Go back to Pinterest and click “finish”.

Finally, head over to the rich pins validator. Enter the URL from any post on your site and click “validate”. You should see a message telling you your pin has been validated, then click “apply now”.

That’s it! You should get an email from Pinterest confirming that you’re all set up with rich pins very soon (I got mine in about 10 minutes, but it can take up to 48 hours).

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