Welcome to Cloth & Castle! I’m Johanna and I  blog about fashion, home interiors, and life on the geeky side of things.

When I’m not at my computer I’m chasing my 3 year old twin girls, playing board games with my husband, watching Doctor Who, or exploring the magical Seattle area where we are so lucky to live.


I heard a quote a while back that has inspired me in everything I have done since: “You cannot be what you cannot see.” As a mother of girls I want desperately for them to know that they can pursue their dreams, live uncompromisingly true to themselves, find a great love, and be unflinchingly strong. But they cannot be it if they cannot see it. That’s the heart and soul of this blog; a big, beautiful tribute to  living your biggest and boldest.

This is not my first lifestyle blog; in 2013 I switched to the lifestyle niche after running a vegetarian food blog for 2 years. My first lifestyle blog was a filtered view of my life, as all lifestyle blogs are. But what got filtered out was a lot of my individuality; I left in that I was a book loving, coffee guzzling Seattle-ite, but left out that I am a Marvel-reading-Doctor-Who-marathoning-Hufflepuff. I left in that my husband and I love to cook together and regularly have in-home date nights; I left out that on those date nights we play Risk. After a while my blog felt rudderless and empty. So I took a few months off from blogging and came back to start fresh with something more real, something more meaningful. And Cloth & Castle was born!

So here’s to living your biggest and boldest!